Online lecture at the University of East London

  Posted on Nov 1, 2021 in 建築考察


On Tuesday 2nd/Nov, from 10:00am in UK (7:00pm in Tokyo), Atsushi will be giving an online talk to the University of East London students, about our works, thoughts and inspirations in architecture, titled “Discovered Dialogues” .

The event is open to public so please feel free to join us.

Join the lecture here.  (Microsoft Teams Meeting)

“Atsushi is a founder and a director of Atsushi Iwata Architecture in Tokyo, Japan.After studying Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering at the University of Tokyo, he moved to the UK to study architecture at the Mackintosh School of Architecture and the Architectural Association.
Atsushi has been designing a series of distinctive yet unassuming residential buildings in Japan. His projects often demonstrate his rigorous attempts to capture transiency and ambiguity between spaces, objects, people and time. Learning from the crossovers of historical and contemporary architectures around the world, the title “Discovered Dialogues” examines his recent projects in relation to the emergent of the dialogues within the thinking and design process.”